I bought the MAC retractable brow pencil in the first week of July and have been using it since then. I recently featured it in my July favorites but I am here to say that it is no longer a favorite of mine!

I usually buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil ($23) but I decided to try the MAC one because it’s cheaper ($16) and a twist-up so I don’t have to sharpen it every other day like I found myself having to do with the Anastasia one. They are about the same color (bought the Anastasia one in Blonde and the MAC one in Fling) and similar formulas. I found that since the tip of the MAC one was so small, it was easier for me to fill in the tail of my brow. The MAC one is also really long so I thought I would get more use out of it since I didn’t have to sharpen it. Sometimes the tip would break off a little if I used too much pressure but when I used gentle strokes (which is what you’re supposed to do on brows anyway) I didn’t have any problems. So I thought I had found a pencil that was just as good as the Anastasia one, was cheaper, and would last longer…I was wrong. I’ve been using the MAC pencil for almost a month and this morning I tried to twist it up and it wouldn’t twist! Which means it must have run out already. I read some reviews online and a lot of people said it didn’t last long. Guess I should have done more research. I will be using my Anastasia brow pencil again and will NOT repurchase the MAC one.


About VT Beauty Nerd

I'm a senior computer science major at Virginia Tech but my true passion is makeup, hair, and nails.

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