Halloween – ZOMBIE

I went all out on the makeup for Halloween this year! I bought everything from the Spirit Halloween store (not sure how big of a chain they are but I know there are quite a few in Virginia) except for this Fun World brand zombie blood for clothing (I recommend not using the spray blood from Spirit that says it’s for clothing because when it dries you can barely see it).

Products I used:

  • A mixture of Olay BB Cream with a little bit of white face paint and about half gray “Zombie Flesh” gray face paint.
  • Black and white eyeshadows (from my Lorac Pro palette) combined for gray
  • Maybelline Fit Me blush in Deep Wine (not that pigmented/good quality but it was the closest thing I could find to red eyeshadow last minute)
  • Elf HD translucent powder (to set the face paint)
  • Spirit Gum — didn’t make the prosthetics stick that well, especially the chomped wound on my neck. Kept peeling off at the ends when I would turn my head 😦 Also wasn’t very comfortable… I will definitely use something else or do more research on better products next time
  • Prosthetic “Brain Matter” and “Chomped Wound” that came with an adhesive (terrible adhesive so I used Spirit Gum) and blood gel
  • Flesh Latex (be careful with this…it’s got a really potent chemical smell and I didn’t even use it close to my eyes but my eyes could still feel it!)
  • Loreal Infallible gel liner and Maybelline Tough as Taupe Color Tattoo as bases around my eyes
  • Zombie Blood for clothing
  • Spray blood but like I said…it dried too light to even see it on my light wash jeans and you could see it on my shirt but it was like a mauve color. And the spray bottle stopped working half way through! Definitely cheap stuff. The other one worked better and I used it in another spray bottle I had with a little bit of water and it worked nicely.


I applied the face paint/BB cream mixture with latex free foam cosmetic wedges from Target used brushes on everything else. I only used brushes that are extras I had laying around (mostly Real Techniques) in case the products messed any of them up.






About VT Beauty Nerd

I'm a senior computer science major at Virginia Tech but my true passion is makeup, hair, and nails.

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