Perfect Palette Tag!

Okay so I’m going to do this post since it doesn’t involve me taking my own pictures and I can use pictures from online!

1.) Best Packaging – Naked 2: It was hard to decide between this and Lorac Pro because Lorac is much sleeker, but I like that Naked 2 snaps closed and has a space for a brush (I’ll often put a brush there when traveling but I don’t use the brush the palette came with). Plus the Naked 2 mirror is bigger.

2.) Best Color Payoff – Lorac Pro: Again, it was hard to choose between this and Naked 2. A lot of beauty gurus on YouTube have been choosing their UD shadows for this one, but I think the Lorac Pro is better because the shimmers are a lot softer. UD shadows are great except when they have a lot of glitter, so I would say overall Lorac Pro is better because every shadow in the palette has great payoff and not just most of them.

3.) Most Versatile – Naked 2/Lorac Pro: couldn’t decide! I wanted to go with a neutral palette because I personally think neutrals are more versatile than bright colors (which is why I didn’t choose my Sigma Creme de Couture for this one). Part of me wants to say Lorac Pro because it has half matte and half shimmer, and a variety of tones and neutral colors. The other part of me wants to say Naked 2 because the colors are more unique. So I’m just gunna go with both 🙂

*** NOTE: When I get the Smashbox Wondervision Mega palette for Christmas I would definitely say that one. It has 30 shadows that are colors but still a good amount of neutrals to combine with, a combination of mattes and shimmers, plus 3 blushes and a bronzer. Can’t wait to get it and use it!!

4.) Best for Travel – Too Faced Naked Eye: Any neutral palette is good for travel but I chose this one because the shape of the palette is great. While Lorac Pro and Naked 2 are slimmer, Naked Eye fits in my makeup bags better because it’s smaller.

5.) Biggest Regret – Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Nude: I discussed products I regret buying and mentioned why I regret buying this here. Zero pigmentation!! Sucks because it would be perfect for traveling since it’s so tiny but still has 9 shadows, plus it’s neutral. But neutral means nothing if you can’t see the shades!

6.) Best Color Names – Too Faced Naked Eye: Too Faced is one of those brands that has fantastic names. UD is good too, but for these palettes, Too Faced was better. Naked Eye has scandalous sexual names (because the palette is called “Naked”): In The Buff, Birthday Suit, Pink Cheeks, Pillow Talk, Satin Sheets, Lap Dance, Like A Virgin, Unmentionables, Stiletto

7.) Least Used – Urban Decay Skull palette: I bought this because it was on sale and had some UD shades I wanted. The shades I was after are Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Chopper (which I ended up getting later when I bought the Naked 2 anyway), Shattered (duotone turquoise/gold), Blunt, and Twice Baked. I also thought Vert and Grifter were cool shades to have. The quality of these shadows are typical UD – good unless they have a lot of glitter. I just hardly reach for this because I mostly stick to neutral looks, for which I pull out my all-neutral palettes for. I only ever reach for this to use Vert, Shattered, or Grifter which isn’t often.

8.) Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island:  Naked 2! For the fourth time (half the questions of this tag), I was choosing between Naked 2 and Lorac Pro. I originally got Naked 2 instead of the original Naked because I prefer cooler toned colors to warmer tones. In the Naked 2, I love and often use every color except Chopper and Foxy. I just don’t like the yellow tone of Foxy and I don’t like the copper tone and micro-glitter formula of Chopper. In the Lorac Pro, I have never used Gold or Garnet, and I rarely use Taupe, Sable, Light Bronze, and Espresso. When it comes to shades I’m totally crazy about, Naked 2 has a little more of these than Lorac Pro. So overall I would just rather have Naked 2 if I had to choose just one!

*** THESE PICTURES ARE NOT MINE! *** Unless I linked to another post from this blog, I got these pictures from Google Images.

Lorac Pro Palette (swatches from Temptalia here):

Lorac Pro Palette

Lorac Pro Palette

UD Naked 2 Palette (swatches from Temptalia here):

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

See the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette and swatches from my September Favorites post here

UD Skull Palette:

Urban Decay Skull Palette

Urban Decay Skull Palette

Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette:

Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette

Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette

and a few swatches from it:

Wondervision Mega Palette swatches

Wondervision Mega Palette swatches


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2 responses to “Perfect Palette Tag!

  1. Love the Naked palette… think it is my all time favourite.

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